Best Growth Industries

About Us

In a short period of time, Best Growth Industries has gained a reputation for being one of the most reliable manufacturers of electronic items in the world. Based out of Shenzen, China, the company owns and manufactures the following reputed brands:

Xtra portable mobile charge

Xtra Power :

Our range of Power Bank devices can be beneficial during travel and emergencies. These devices can be used to charge iPhone 4/4S/5, Samsung, SONY, HTC, Blackberry, iPad, PSP, Digital cameras and a lot of other devices. The capacity range of devices varies from 2200 mAh and 16000 mAh.

Xtra electronic cigarette

Xtra Electronic Cigarettes :

Our goal to promote healthy smoking habits resulted in the introduction of an attractive range of quality e-cigarettes. They emit no smoke and are a lot safer than conventional cigarettes. The biggest plus point is that no health hazards are involved.
Best Growth Industries is led by a capable team with decades of expertise in the electronics industry.